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When applying visa, or on your one way trips around the world, the proof of onward flights is a mandatory requirement. But applicants often misunderstand this requirement. You do not need to actually purchase a ticket, that you might nit use. Buying a ticket prior to visa approval means to take a risk of losing money when their visa application is rejected. Visa consulates recommend for applicants not to purchase ticket until the visa application is approved.

We offer flight reservation that are specifically tailored for visa application purposes. Once you get your visa, you can make your own travel plan and purchase your ticket. Get your flight itinerary with 3 simple steps less than 2 hours. You don’t have to wait 24 hours or pay extra for faster delivery.


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itinerary Maker

It can be fun to use a Itinerary Maker!

Planning your individual trip is a headache? You do not dare to get it right, because you feel killed by the many possibilities and sources of information? Lately, we are asked how we book our trips. And how much do we plan to book in advance.

In this article, we would like to show you how best to tackle travel planning and thereby save. Here you will find our best tips & tricks, tools and information sources. In addition, you will receive useful checklists and our very simple and clear Excel template for route planning, which you can download at the end of the article.

Travel planning that is fun

Personally, travel planning is a lot of fun. This is the beginning of your holiday! Hardly back from the journey, the next one is already tackled

Over time comes the routine. You know automatically to take care of the travel planning. Thanks to our experience and our ever-new packing list, packing is also coming to a jiffy. With a bit of routine, the preparation is always easier and more exotic or supposedly "unthinkable" travel destinations (seem our road trip through Iran) Also: only courage and ran to the planning!

Planning a trip made easy with the travel blog.

1. Travel planning the first - where should it go?

Which factors of your journey are known?

Is your holiday already approved and are you looking for a suitable destination for the respective period?

Then do some research on google or travel blogs. You will find a lot of ideas if you search for the search term "Where in the month XY". Alternatively, Lonely Planets Guide offers "when to wo".

Or is there a wish destination where you absolutely go?

Then you will plan your vacation the travel time thereafter. Find the best travel time for your dream destination. Of course, the best weather prevails during the main travel times, so it can be quite crowded and expensive.

We use the edge times, also shortly before or shortly after the main season. Mostly you can find a lot of information on the weather conditions on the internet and in guidebooks. Search on google for "Best travel time for country XY". Compare then whether the months before or after the peak season.

  • Trip-Inspiration - Map where do I want to travel
  • You should note the following points, which have an influence on the prices and the attraction of the sights:
  • School holidays in travel destination?
  • Holidays in travel destination?
  • School holidays in Germany?
  • How much time do you have available?
  • Is your best time the travel destination?

For example, if you have only two weeks left, your dream destination is. Everything is possible, of course. But you will come back disappointed, because you have so much time for the exhausting arrival and departure and hardly had time on site.

A borderline case is the USA. Two weeks of Florida can be good enough. South Africa is still doing well in two weeks, if you are limited to one region. Or more exotic: the north of Oman. Of course, Europe is also great for a two-week road trip.

One week holiday up to 9 days time. The best for city trips or short breaks in Europe.

The turquoise blue Soca in Bovec in Slovenia

The beautiful Soca Valley in Slovenia for a short trip in Europe!

From three weeks on, the whole world is open to you :-). Any kind of road trip is possible in three weeks. The only exceptions would be for us Australia and New Zealand, for at least two weeks would plan. That's the only reason.

What do you want to experience?

If you are not traveling alone, grab your travel partner. Write down some things you really want to do and see.

Some impulses: Do you want to ...

  • ... relaxation or adventure?
  • ... nature and landscape or cities?
  • ... beaches or mountains?
  • ... summer or winter?
  • ... heat or cooler temperatures?
  • ... outdoor fun or wellness?
  • ... sports and exercise or lying on the beach?
  • ... luxury, comfort or budget?
  • ... car or public transport?


Where do you want to travel

After you have noted, you would absolutely want to experience, you can research the Internet, which offers as many of your wishes as possible. Rummage on Road Traveler or on the many other wonderful travel blogs. How much inspiration did I find!

Road trip

Want to make a road trip or be traveling as a self-drive driver with a rental car? Then destinations like Southeast Asia are more likely to fall out. Even some countries in Africa, such as Tanzania, are not necessarily the best countries for a road trip. The USA, Canada, Europe or South Africa are perfect for the first road trip.

Safari vehicle in the Serengeti in Tanzania

Foreign culture and new customs

Think about whether you want to deal with a completely new culture, foreign customs and special manners. For Iran, we definitely had the most preparation time. You have to want that. For example, you have to accept traveling as a woman wearing a headscarf and learning to embrace the foreign culture and religion.

2. Travel planning the second - now it's going to be concrete

Inspiration and sources of information

Your travel destination is fixed? Congratulation! Now it is time to get to the concrete planning and gather information about the country. Sure, that we love to inform our numerous blogger colleagues. For travel blogs offer independent opinions, the most authentic insight into the travel destination and tips away from mass tourism. Best of all, most bloggers are happy to help if you have specific questions. On travel blogs you will usually also find a cost overview for the countries visited. So you can get an idea in advance, if the desired Germany fits with your budget.

Failed miserably

I have to admit that I am on this supposedly simple task. Who can point out a workflow that really works, can impress me quite a bit.

For me, a mishmash of Google Maps, Google Earth and Mapsengine Google was created. But I am far from fulfilling the points listed above. In between, I've tried other route planner like the Falk route planner, MotoPlaner and maps of Apple. I could not handle any of the products. Each has its own characteristics and defects. TomTom Navi for the iPhone. The number of waypoints, the missing storage option of the routes.


Compromise and the realization, that is, the cars, the cars without drivers can be able to program a simple route planning. Therefore, I will probably go back in the good old days.

The trip to Scotland

So complained enough. I managed to get away a bit 🙂

The flight

We fly with a Fokker 100 of Helvetic Airways in a direct flight from Kloten Airport to Glasgow International Airport. That's almost 1300 kilometers as the crow flies and takes a good 2:30 hours. Cheaper there are, if you make a stopover in London. The journey then takes more than 5 hours.

By car and ferry would be about 1700km and the journey time would take an estimated 20-25 hours. No topic if you only have 14 days vacation.

Where to find good travel blogs or travel reports? For example:



Trust Your Trip

also on the Google search you come across good travel blogs

Road Traveler Travel Blog on Conntrip

Road Traveler Travel Blog on Conntrip (Screenshot)

Travel inspiration with Pinterest

We are currently very inspired by Pinterest. There we memorize blog articles and "tips" us tips from bloggers simply on extra-invested country bulletin boards. How to plan your trip with Pinterest, we have described here in detail!

Also, the official tourism sites of the countries often provide good information for the first insight (with google enter "your destination" and "tourism", then you will find the tourism website quite fast).

Travel guide: Most of the time we only travel with a single printed travel guide. Which is the best for your travel destination? The travel bloggers often tell you that in their articles.

3. Travel booking: on your own or supported by travel experts?

At this point, an important question arises: do you want to continue planning on your own or do you want to get support? There are great opportunities to book via country-specific travel experts and still be on the go individually. We also had some of our road trips organized by experts and had a great vacation! Depending on the concept, your desired route will be created together with you, the booking of flights, rental cars and hotels will be arranged by the tour operator.

We have already had good experiences with the following providers:

Canusa tourism for the USA

Experience long-distance travel offers for many countries

Bedu expeditions and others for Jordan and Oman

4. Book flights: find the cheapest flight

The next step is to look roughly at the prices for flights. Because maybe they are so expensive that we have to decide for a different travel period or even for another destination. However, we do not book the flight until the route has been planned. Because then we know if we need fork flights!

Book your flights on time. Approximately 3-4 months (long-haul) to 6 weeks (Europe / short-haul) before departure, flights are the cheapest according to studies.

We always check Skyscanner first for the cheapest dates. For this we indicate "full month" for the date search. This way, the portal shows you the best days within a defined period of time. You can really save money with that, because it's surprising how different single days are in terms of price. If we find a good deal, we check directly on the airline's website to see if there may even be an even lower price there.

The Skyscanner flight search engine shows you the cheapest flight dates per month

The Skyscanner flight search engine shows you the cheapest fares per month (screenshot, as of October 2017)

Another recommended alternative to Skyscanner is momondo.

Important tip: delete your browser history before you actually book the flight. Because the websites remember your visit. We have the occasional feeling that the reservation on the second visit more expensive!

What we do

This is how it works

<strong>What</strong>does a flight itinerary look like?

We provide an electronic itinerary which contains travel reservation for your flight. This electronic itinerary is for visa application purposes and for proofing itinerary flight by entering a country.

Simply provide us with your full name, date and your travel destination to place your order.  You will also receive a download link by email. You can use this electronic itinerary to fulfill your visa application requirement and for immigration purposes on your trips.

<strong>Where</strong> to get flight itinerary for visa?

We don’t ask for confidential information. What we need is your full name, departure/destination city, and/or check-in/check-out dates.

<strong>Is</strong> this electronic itinerary accepted?

Yes, our electronic itinerary is perfectly acceptable. The embassy actually recommends applicants not to purchase an actual ticket before their visa is approved. With the electronic itinerary, we eliminate the risk and ticket cancellation worries from you.

<strong>Any</strong> recommendations for flight itineraries to/within Europe from the USA?

Yes, https://travel-around-the.worldis secure. It runs on a HTTPS protocol, with an SSL certificate. All the data comes from, and goes to is encrypted. This website uses Paypal to process payments, and the website of is secure too.

<strong>What </strong> is flight itinerary planning?

Yes, https://travel-around-the.worldis secure. It runs on a HTTPS protocol, with an SSL certificate. All the data comes from, and goes to is encrypted. This website uses Paypal to process payments, and the website of is secure too.


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