Essential for Visa Applications and Proof of Onward Travel

Secure Your Verified Dummy Flight Ticket for Just $9.90

Essential for Visa Applications and Proof of Onward Travel

Secure Your Verified Dummy Flight Ticket for Just $9.90

What we do!

To travel around the world without an exactly planned schedule is getting more and more popular. You want to stay flexible, being able to join an event, a festival or something interesting, that you did not have in mind when starting your trip. This is the reality in which a lot of people all around the globe are traveling. Digital nomads prefer to stay open and flexible during their time abroad as well.

But these flexible lifestyles don’t always fit into the reality of bureaucratic border controls. Many countries require that you show an itinerary ticket to enter the country or obtain a visa. Immigration officers can ask you to show an itinerary ticket. Without this you are denied access to the plane. Booking a flight that you might not take can burden your travel budget a lot and it´s a waste of money. Our service for you is simply renting a ticket, that meets all the requirements required by the immigration authorities.

It´s Simple

Type in all the information about desired itinerary: Your name, your desired date of Onward Ticket, departing and arrival airport and your email. Please input exactly the name in your passport with English characters only.

It´s Fast

If you’re traveling abroad and want to change your schedule spontaneously, then you need a partner who can provide you with a fast and reliable service. We guarantee you the full proof of a booked ticket within minutes.

It´s Save

Our electronic itinerary is perfectly acceptable. The check in desk at any country allowed all our clients to enter their county witout any trouble. With the electronic itinerary, we eliminate the risk and ticket cancellation worries from you.

We open doors!

01 Type in Data

Simply type in all the information about your desired itinerary: Your name, your desired date of Ticket, departing and arrival airport and your email.

02 Pay Online

You can easily pay with PayPal or creditcard. All transactions are secure and verified.

03 Get your File

After the checkout process, you receive your ticket as a PDF within seconds!

Book now and get your ticket

How does it Work?

Your Path to Hassle-Free Travel

Submit Your Details: Provide us with your full name, intended travel dates, and destination.

Receive Your Itinerary: We create an electronic itinerary that serves as a flight reservation for your journey.

Download and Use: You'll receive a link via email to download your itinerary, ready to be used for visa applications or as proof of onward travel when entering a country.

It's that simple! Our process ensures you have the necessary travel documentation quickly and efficiently, making your travel planning smoother and more convenient.

What Information do you need?

No Confidential Information Required Your privacy and security are paramount to us. We only request the essential details needed to create your travel itinerary:

Your Full Name: As it appears on your travel documents.

Departure and Destination Cities: Let us know where your journey begins and ends.

Travel Dates: Provide us with your intended check-in and check-out dates.

Rest assured, we handle your information with the utmost care, ensuring a seamless and secure process for your travel needs.

Is this electronic itinerary accepted?

Recognized and Recommended:  Absolutely, our electronic itinerary is not only accepted but also recommended, especially in the context of visa applications. Many embassies advise applicants against purchasing actual flight tickets before their visa approval. Our service aligns perfectly with this guidance.

Risk-Free and Worry-Free: By choosing our electronic itinerary, you sidestep the uncertainties and financial risks associated with ticket cancellations. We provide a stress-free solution, ensuring that your travel preparations are both smooth and compliant with embassy recommendations.

Is this Website secure?

Robust Online Protection Yes, is a bastion of online security. Our website operates on a secure HTTPS protocol, reinforced with an SSL certificate, ensuring that all data transmitted to and from our site is encrypted and safeguarded.

Trusted Payment Processing with PayPal and Stripe In our commitment to secure transactions, we partner with both PayPal and Stripe, leaders in online payment services. The security infrastructure of is well-established, offering a safe and reliable payment process.

Additionally, we integrate Stripe, renowned for its adherence to the highest standards and regulations in online payments. Stripe is PCI Service Provider Level 1 certified, the most stringent level in the payment industry. This certification includes Stripe's Card Data Vault and secure software development for integration code.

For users, Stripe automates aspects of PCI compliance. Depending on the integration method, Stripe dynamically informs users which PCI validation form to use. If you're using Stripe Elements, Checkout, Terminal SDKs, or mobile libraries, your PCI validation form (Self-Assessment Questionnaire A) is pre-filled in your dashboard. Stripe also provides a comprehensive PCI Compliance Guide to help users understand and maintain compliance.

Rest assured, your online experience with us is protected with the most advanced security measures, ensuring your peace of mind and the safety of your transactions.


What our clients say !

“Wow ! I know you promise 3 hours service but I got my documents much earlier. I had just a couple of weeks to apply for my Schengen visa and I got it! Thank you so much! Very professional service!”

Paul Falatico


“Everything was perfect and very fast! It´s such a brilliant idea to help people saving money by applying visa!”

Sagar Singh


“I was not sure, if it would really work and I was a bit sceptic. But I was checked at the airport without any problem!”

Marco Rodriguez


“Needed my ticket really fast, due to unexpected circumstances. Everything worked really fine! Always again!”

Ramiraz van Weelde

Virtual Assistant