Are You Eligible for a Turkey Visa?

Dreaming of wandering through Istanbul’s enchanting alleys or exploring the magical landscapes of Cappadocia? Well, your adventure begins with obtaining the right visa. For Indian citizens keen to soak up these experiences, here’s what you need to know about the Turkey visa requirements.

Understanding Turkey Visa Requirements for Indian Passport Holders

Do Indians need a visa for Turkey? Absolutely!

Whether your visit involves unraveling ancient histories, savoring delicious local dishes, or engaging in business activities, securing a visa is essential.

The good news? You’ve got options! Opt for an e-Visa or a tourist visa, depending on your plans. The e-Visa, in particular, is a real time-saver and fairly straightforward to secure, provided you tick all the boxes on the eligibility checklist.

Planning ahead? Consider checking out visa guides for other destinations like Indonesia and Cambodia too!

Why Do Indians Flock to Turkey?

From its rich history and stunning vistas to its vibrant culture, Turkey calls out to scores of Indian visitors annually.

Need more reasons? Think of marveling at Istanbul’s iconic Hagia Sophia, wandering among Cappadocia’s fairy chimneys, or lounging on the beaches of Antalya.

And if you’re considering a longer stay, you’ll need to navigate the visa requirements carefully.

Tailored Ticket Reservations for the Modern Explorer

Navigating the Visa Application: Easier Than You Think!

Fear not, obtaining a Turkey visa isn’t tough—as long as you meet all the criteria. The e-visa is especially convenient, available entirely online!

Keen on exploring your visa options? Here’s a quick rundown:

Turkey Tourist Visa for Indians: Perfect for those visiting for leisure or cultural exchanges, available as an e-visa or sticker visa. Thinking long-term? The Turkey Digital Nomad Visa might be your ticket!

Turkey E-Visa for Indians: A hassle-free electronic visa for tourists and business visitors who qualify, offering a swift entry into Turkey for short stays.

Visa on Arrival: If you meet specific conditions, grab your visa right as you land.

Transit Visa: Passing through? This visa lets you step out of the airport to briefly explore.

Turkey Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens:

  • Passport with 6 months validity
  • Full travel itinerary
  • Comprehensive travel insurance
  • Onward ticket
  • Proof of accommodation and sufficient funds or a sponsor
  • Purpose of visit: tourism or business
  • Document Checklist:

    • Filled application form with a photograph
    • Valid passport
    • Recent passport photos
    • Employer leave letter or self-employed cover letter
    • Travel and health insurance
    • Flight and accommodation proofs
    • Financial proof and sponsorship letters if needed

Applying for Your Visa: Step by Step

  1. Choose Your Visa: Decide between an eVisa and a sticker visa.
  2. Apply Online: For an eVisa, visit Turkey’s official e-Visa portal, fill out the necessary details, and pay the processing fee.
  3. Or Apply for a Sticker Visa: Fill out the form, collect your documents, and visit your nearest embassy.

No Renewals: The Turkey e-Visa doesn’t offer renewals. Post your visit, exit Turkey and apply anew if you wish to return.

Turkey Visa Fees:

  • Transit Visa: From 4270 INR
  • Single Entry Visa: 4270 INR
  • Multiple Entry Visa: 14220 INR

Application Processing Time:

Offline applications typically take around 15 working days, while e-visas are quicker, with approvals sent via email in just 3 days.

Bringing Your Family Along?

Family visas require all members to share the same nationality and travel document type, with flexibility in travel dates within the visa’s validity.

Cost of Living in Turkey:

Turkey offers an affordable lifestyle, with costs varying across cities.


  • Rent: €200-€300
  • Purchase: From €30,000


  • Dining Out: €10-€20
  • Groceries: €100-€200 per month


  • Trains and buses are budget-friendly, while taxis and car rentals offer more flexibility.


  • Daily excursions, nightlife, and cultural visits are reasonably priced.

Top Spots for Indians:

Istanbul, Cappadocia, and Antalya are hotspots, each offering unique attractions and experiences.

Common Visa Rejection Reasons:

  • Incomplete documentation
  • Incorrect information
  • Insufficient financial proof

Is Travel Insurance Necessary?

Yes, it not only meets visa requirements but also covers unexpected medical and travel issues.

Final Thoughts:

Pay attention to detail, choose the right visa, and prepare thoroughly. Ready to explore Turkey’s wonders? Now’s your chance!

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