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What we do

This is how it works

Here's the process in action

We will issue you an electronic ticket that confirms the travel booking for your flight. This electronic ticket is used to apply for visas and to prove that you are continuing your journey when you enter a country.

Simply provide us with your full name, date and destination to place your order. Within seconds you will receive your individual ticket from us as a PDF by e-mail. The document fulfils all requirements for the visa application and when entering countries that require this proof. Hundreds of times tested and proven!

What Information do we need?

We do not ask for confidential information. What we need is your full name, departure / destination and / or check-in / check-out dates. That's all!

Is this electronic itinerary accepted?

Yes, our electronic tickets are accepted. Many embassies recommend that applicants do not purchase an actual ticket before their visa is approved. With our electronic tickets we eliminate the risk and worry of ticket cancellation.

It this website secure?

Yes, https://itineraryticket.com is safe. The website runs on an HTTPS protocol with an SSL certificate. All data going to or from   https://itineraryticket.com is encrypted. Our website uses PayPal and Stripe to receive payments. All payments are verified and secure.


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