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When applying visa, or on your one way trips around the world, the proof of onward flights is a mandatory requirement. But applicants often misunderstand this requirement. You do not need to actually purchase a ticket, that you might nit use. Buying a ticket prior to visa approval means to take a risk of losing money when their visa application is rejected. Visa consulates recommend for applicants not to purchase ticket until the visa application is approved.

We offer flight reservation that are specifically tailored for visa application purposes. Once you get your visa, you can make your own travel plan and purchase your ticket. Get your flight itinerary with 3 simple steps less than 2 hours. You don’t have to wait 24 hours or pay extra for faster delivery.


Fake Airline Ticket

Sometimes we simply need a Fake Ticket Generator!

Airlines, especially, budget airlines have to make sure that you will not overstay in the destination country. If you overstay, you will, of course, be fined. But the airline that allowed you to enter will also be fined. These fines on the airlines are hefty and can sometimes cause airline employees to lose their jobs. Therefore, airlines make sure that you have proper proof that you will leave the country at the end of your stay.

It´s a tip that you might not get from your travel agency, as they want to sell you tickets for your flight itinerary. But sometimes, for example, if you want to apply for a Schengen visa, or in any other kind of visa application, you need to proof that you have either a return flight or itinerary ticket. For a real airline ticket, even though you need just a flight reservation for any international flight, you need to pay the full price. Or, if you once send out your credit card credentials, the airline might charge your card, if you miss to cancel in the right time. So-called dummy ticket can help you through this whole process. In difference to e.g. Ticket-O-Matic, we create a real looking ticket for you, with all the flight details, that are necessary for the process. Our fake tickets aren´t completely for free, but with a small fee, you can be sure that you won’t face any problems at the check in desk at the airport.

We offer every passenger to have an e-ticket with all appropriate data. It´s just a simple trick, that travellers all over the world have proved and appreciated. If you can proof to own a return ticket, that can be checked at the airport in India, in Singapore, Malaysia, South America, Africa, or wherever you want to go: With a fake airline ticket, all Airways are open for a traveller in a digital, modern world!

Immigration officers at the border control must make sure that you would leave the country at the end of your stay. Therefore, they ask you to show a return or onward ticket. They usually do not accept a bus, train or boat ticket as proof of onward travel. They only accept a flight ticket as a proof of onward travel as flight tickets are verifiable.

In case of visa application for Schengen Visa, you might also need a hotel reservation. Please keep that in mind.

For those of you seasoned travelers and digital nomads, you’ve probably found yourself in this situation at least once in your traveling career. You want to visit a foreign country but to enter the country in the first place, you need to proof that you will eventually leave again. Since a lot of the time we travel on one-way tickets, not sure when we want to leave, or where we want to go next, this poses a problem. With our limited budget, we don’t want to pay for tickets we’re very likely not going to use. So how do we get around this requirement to provide proof of onward travel?

When on our big trip through Asia, we encountered this problem when we wanted to travel to Sri Lanka. We read on the internet that we needed to show proof of exit to enter the country. But how do you do that if you have no idea about your future plans? We really didn’t know how long we wanted to stay, so this posed a problem. After searching the internet, we found an easy solution: find an airline which will give you a 24-hour time period to pay for the booking you make with them.

What we do

This is how it works

What does a flight itinerary look like?

We provide an electronic itinerary which contains travel reservation for your flight. This electronic itinerary is for visa application purposes and for proofing itinerary flight by entering a country.

Simply provide us with your full name, date and your travel destination to place your order.  You will also receive a download link by email. You can use this electronic itinerary to fulfill your visa application requirement and for immigration purposes on your trips.

Where to get flight itinerary for visa?

We don’t ask for confidential information. What we need is your full name, departure/destination city, and/or check-in/check-out dates.

Is this electronic itinerary accepted?

Yes, our electronic itinerary is perfectly acceptable. The embassy actually recommends applicants not to purchase an actual ticket before their visa is approved. With the electronic itinerary, we eliminate the risk and ticket cancellation worries from you.


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