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When applying visa, or on your one way trips around the world, the proof of onward flights is a mandatory requirement. But applicants often misunderstand this requirement. You do not need to actually purchase a ticket, that you might nit use. Buying a ticket prior to visa approval means to take a risk of losing money when their visa application is rejected. Visa consulates recommend for applicants not to purchase ticket until the visa application is approved.

We offer flight reservation that are specifically tailored for visa application purposes. Once you get your visa, you can make your own travel plan and purchase your ticket. Get your flight itinerary with 3 simple steps less than 2 hours. You don’t have to wait 24 hours or pay extra for faster delivery.


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Your Trip Around the World

Where do you want to go today?

There are 194 countries in the world. Whether you are doing a short backpacking or world trip – it is difficult to decide. Luckily you have your life time and you do not have to travel all at once.

No matter where you go: At least the first destination must be set and book a one-way ticket, unless you start with another means of transport on the doorstep.

If you have decided to travel as a backpacker, then you will see the world as a package tourist from a very different and much more exciting perspective. On such a journey, you will experience a lot of adventure – and above all: you also learn a lot about yourself.

But before it starts, the preparation is waiting. But how do you plan a backpacking trip?

Sure, at the first moment the planning effort seems huge – but just start with it step by step. So that you do not forget anything, I have put together a travel checklist and a packing list, which you can download for free. So you have a great overview and can start relaxed with your planning.

Trips up to six months around the globe:

obe:obe heap hub destination. The return flight should ideally include an option to transfer. So you have a good planning basis: How long do I rent my apartment? How long do I take out the foreign health insurance? How about a travel insurance? Do I have enough money to stay abroad without taking a full-time job? Is my ATM card working in every country, or do I better rely on a credit card?

Within a region, thanks to cheaper domestic airlines, you can quickly return from A to B and thus remain flexible. You can save a lot of money and not spending money o airfare by using our “Travel around the World” Service.

Travelers who go on their RTW trip on a small budget, prefer to stay in budget-friendly hostels, and sometimes have a life-changing experience by finding themselves feeling very comfortable in other countries and enjoy a great way of designing their life.

World Travel up to one year

If you decide to go on trip round the world for one year long, or even a few years, to South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, or South America, you better choose a RTW ticket. Unfortunately, for long term trips, often RTW are not the cheapest choice and you are relatively fixed. To be more flexible, having the possibility of multiple stops Tickets valid for more than one year do not exist.

Depending on the entry requirements of a country, it may be necessary to present a return ticket. If you do not know where to go next, book the cheapest flight from a local low-cost airline to the neighbouring country and then let it expire. Of course, that is a waste of money and that’s why we built our service. If you spontaneously plan another destination while traveling, you forget that quickly. Many visa-on-arrival are also only 21 or 30 days. Often you can extend your stay in the country, but most of the time you can apply for a 60-day visa at the Embassy in a more cost-effective and stress-free way in the country you are in right now.

Even digital nomads do not travel all non-stop. Some travel only occasionally, others several months a year, and in between they return to their home base.

The original plan of our current trip was a one-way flight to Thailand and then on to Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia & Borneo. We booked a return flight with the option to change the booking from Singapore. In the end, our itinerary has changed completely. We are from Thailand to Myanmar, Philippines via Malaysia to Indonesia. From Indonesia, you can return to the Singapore hub cheaply with a domestic flight on the low-cost airline Air Asia.

If you are dealing with completely different countries before the trip, it is exciting to spontaneously change and adapt your plan. A plan can be an important anchor and make it easier to return home.

And now it’s time for the most important backpacker questions:

Where and how long should I travel?

Do you already have a specific destination in mind? Is there a country that interests you and that you have always wanted to travel to? Would you like to make a world tour? The choice of countries is not easy.

In general, many people tend to want to see too many countries in too short a time, and still underestimate distances. It usually makes more sense to commit yourself to a few countries or a specific region.

 You really want to travel around the world? Here are some travel tips from our travel blog:

 Of course, where you travel also depends on how long you want to travel: a few days, a few weeks or maybe half a year? The duration of your trip can of course be limited by your available money. So it’s best to set a specific timetable and think carefully about whether what you set out to do really fits that schedule. In case of doubt, plan to spend a few days more, because there is always something on site that is interesting or worth seeing – and a time buffer is worth the price of gold!

Do not make the mistake and travel too fast – that means pure stress. All that remains of your trip is a few shot photos. Ideally, take one month to land or limit yourself to a region such as southern Thailand.

How much does a trip cost?

No moss going on without money and no travel – that’s clear. The planning of finances should always be very accurate. More important than good luck is to inform yourself as much as possible about your destination, because then you can estimate how much will cost. In the “Lonely Planet” guide you will always find on the first pages a very good estimate of the required daily budget with low, medium and high comfort. The guide is also available as a digital version and for entire regions such as Southeast Asia or South America.

So, once you’ve made the country selection and know how long you want to travel, you can figure out how much money you’ll need during the day. If you travel to Thailand for four weeks with a daily budget of 40 euros, then you need a total of 1,200 euros. The daily budget usually includes accommodation, food and transport. Of course, you may spend more on one day and less on another. The daily budget is only for a rough overview.

If possible, plan a little more generously. For special activities such as a bungee jump or dives you should anyway an “extra budget” included. For this you can look on the Internet specifically for providers and prices.

Backpacker often are loaded with student loans and have to keep an eye on theier finances, They prefer multiple stops according recommondations and you would seldom find them in an all inckusive resort. Especially if you do not travel that long, there’s nothing wrong with choosing more comfortable accommodation or means of transport, booking a tour on site or dining in a restaurant. Then you’re just a so-called Flashpacker and should be considered accordingly in the planning.

What we do

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<strong>How</strong> does it Work?

We provide an electronic itinerary which contains travel reservation for your flight. This electronic itinerary is for visa application purposes and for proofing itinerary flight by entering a country.

Simply provide us with your full name, date and your travel destination to place your order.  You will also receive a download link by email. You can use this electronic itinerary to fulfill your visa application requirement and for immigration purposes on your trips.

<strong>What</strong> Information do you need?

We don’t ask for confidential information. What we need is your full name, departure/destination city, and/or check-in/check-out dates.

<strong>Is</strong> this electronic itinerary accepted?

Yes, our electronic itinerary is perfectly acceptable. The embassy actually recommends applicants not to purchase an actual ticket before their visa is approved. With the electronic itinerary, we eliminate the risk and ticket cancellation worries from you.

<strong>Is</strong> this Website secure?
Yes, https://travel-around-the.worldis secure. It runs on a HTTPS protocol, with an SSL certificate. All the data comes from, and goes to https://travel-around-the.world is encrypted. This website uses Paypal to process payments, and the website of https://paypal.com is secure too.


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