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We will issue you an electronic ticket that confirms the travel booking for your flight. This electronic ticket is used to apply for visas and to prove that you are continuing your journey when you enter a country.

Simply provide us with your full name, date and destination to place your order. Within seconds you will receive your individual ticket from us as a PDF by e-mail. The document fulfils all requirements for the visa application and when entering countries that require this proof. Hundreds of times tested and proven!

What Information do we need?

We do not ask for confidential information. What we need is your full name, departure / destination and / or check-in / check-out dates. That's all!

Is this electronic itinerary accepted?

Yes, our electronic tickets are accepted. Many embassies recommend that applicants do not purchase an actual ticket before their visa is approved. With our electronic tickets we eliminate the risk and worry of ticket cancellation.

It this website secure?

Yes, https://itineraryticket.com is safe. The website runs on an HTTPS protocol with an SSL certificate. All data going to or from   https://itineraryticket.com is encrypted. Our website uses PayPal and Stripe to receive payments. All payments are verified and secure.

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Flight Reservation

How to make a Flight Reservation without Paying?

Every year, many thousands of people make the mistake of booking their plane ticket without first having a visa for their destination country. We want to avoid that you too make this mistake! Most embassies do not require the applicant to book a plane ticket for the visa application. Mostly only a valid and official flight reservation is required.

For example, if you apply for a visa in Schengen Area, or you want to go on a roud trip to China: Usually you go to the Consulate first and apply for the visa. As this whole process takes some time, you do not need to go to an airline website of an airline company booking an air ticket for the full price! You fullfill all visa requirements without buying an actual ticket at a travel agency, and go with the printout to the embassy. You are risking, if your visa is rejected,  to cancel the flight and paying a fee to the travel agent for canceling the airline ticket.

This is why fake ticket reservations are getting more and more common.

We are a kind of online travel agency that aims to help travelers with their visa application. We offer you a confirmed flight reservation (flight travel plan) for the application for a Schengen visa or visa. 

You can request this service in a few minutes with the help of this website and within less than 4 hours you will find the documents in your inbox. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and have branches in Germany and in Hong Kong.

 So, a flight reservation without payment is very simple. You do not have to pay for an actual flight ticket!

A lot of people already used our service and could see, that  a Flight Itinerary with a Booking number without paying the full price for the flight ticket is simple: Go to Itineraryticket, choose the flight data, Submit your flight details and proceed the payment, You will receive an email with all the details of your Flight reservation. 

Learn how to reserve a flight without paying for an actual flight ticket. When applying for the visa, you can get a flight reservation without. Of course there are websites online where you can put a flight on hold for a day, or maybe even for a week in some cases for free. But the problem with the flight reservations is that they have expiry dates and when you present a flight reservation with PNR and the embassy verifies it .

People or certain websites may claim that the flight reservation will not expire, but it´s recommended to be very careful of those claims.

Here you get flight reservation for visa. The reservation provided will be with a small payment and can be used to obtain Visa from any embassy which requires confirmation .You can get a Flight Itinerary with a Booking number without making the full payment for the flight ticket in three simple steps.

Booking an itinerary ticket for a flight, that you just need for example for a Schengen Visa is not recommended. Travel agency mostly aren´t familiar with visa requirements and want to sell tickets. But even the Consulate, is just asking you for a Hotel reservation not an actual Hotel booking. We know a lot about Visa Reservation for Schengen counties and others. Before you really put your luggage on a carrier and step on an airplane, the Embassy must proof all documents for your visa. Your travel itinerary might follow along a round trip, with different visa reservations. These are circumstances, that Embassy all over the world know exactly about.

A Flighjt ticket for visa pplication with a full payment would load you with a risk of waisting money. You can also make a round trip reservation with different fake flight reservations wehn applying for visa. A simple reservation with itinerary flight reservation meets all requirements.


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“Wow! It´s for sure the fastest service of all! It´s so great to receive the ticket instantaneously! Never worry about the timing, before stepping on the plane!”

“Great Service”

“Everything was perfect and quick! It´s such a brilliant idea to help people saving money and staying flexible!”


“Fast and Easy!”

“Very good idea, and one of the cheapest for this service. I was checked at the airport without any problem!”


“Astounishing Fast!”

“Needed my ticket really fast, due to unexpected circumstances. Everything works fine! Always again!”


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