Paddle Board Rental In Key West

Paddle Board Rental In Key West

Back Country Key West Charters is run by Captain Ralph, who has over twenty years of chartering experience. Our company has the best safety record amongst our competitors, and we provide the best service of paddle board rental in Key West.

Is stand up paddle board good exercise?

It might seem like paddle boarding is just a relaxing activity, but it is actually one of the best workouts for your entire body. SUP (or standup paddle boarding) requires a combination of balance, strength, and endurance. This will toughen your core, as well as your legs, arms, toes, shoulders, neck, and even your back.

An average person can lose approximately 500 calories, just by touring or practicing yoga aboard a paddle board. This number will increase exponentially when SUP racing or surfing. If you were to compare it with other activities, such as biking or surfing, paddle boarding will burn up to 100 more calories.

Paddle boarding basics

Before you go paddle boarding for the first time, there are some things to consider. Although our team will guide you through the activity, and even provide all the necessary equipment, you should have a basic concept of the activity.

Standing up on the paddle board can be challenging to achieve the first times and may even get frustrating. Just relax and remember that you are on vacation to have fun. Start by getting on the board first, and only then start to stand up slowly. Now, you must keep yourself and the board within balance, otherwise, you will fall off. And remember that you will fall off quite often, but it will eventually pay off.

Is there a weight limit for paddle boarding?

Everyone can enjoy paddle boarding, even if you are overweight. However, specific boards do have a weight limit. Our company provides paddle board rental in Key West, and if you call us, we are sure to assist you with any specific equipment. There are options of paddle boards capable of withstanding around 700 pounds, which means everyone can enjoy paddle boarding.

A unique paddle boarding adventure

When it comes to paddle boarding, our company provides full service to make sure that your group will live a unique experience. The meandering mangrove creeks and channels offer a new different adventure around every corner. With the island’s incredible biodiversity, you will witness firsthand the natural habitat of exotic birds and turtles.

We are sure that our options will satisfy everyone. No matter if you’re just seeking to relax or if you are a more active person. With our vast range of options, we will find something that you will love to do.

In the backcountry, the waters are transparent and run smoothly. Back Country Key West Charters will provide the boat and the expertise to transport you into a private paradisiac beach, and, once there, our paddle board rental in Key West will allow you to live your dream.