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Five Tips To Find The Best Costa Rica Villas For Rent

There are tremendous advantages of renting a villa as compared to other accommodation options. A villa gives you the feeling of a home away from home and affords you a comfort that is hardly obtainable with other options. But before you opt for renting a villa there are certain tips that you need to bear in mind, this will ensure you make the best choice and avoid any future regret. Below are five tips to find the best Costa Rica villas for rent;

1) Choose a location that suits you:

The first step to consider when searching for the best Costa Rica villas for rent is location. Many times, vacationers end up getting disappointed when the villas they rent does not give them the experience they came for. If the goal of your vacation is to sightsee then you have to choose a villa that is located in good proximity to major attractions. If you wanted to enjoy the beach and sunbath the way you want, then you must ensure your villa is not an hour drive from the closest beach. And if you want some quality time to yourself, perhaps to do some quality meditation, an out-of-the-way location may work best for you.

So, before you make the final move to rent. Look at the map and pictures of the place you intend to rent, and ask a lot of questions about it.

2) Size and layout:

After you have chosen a perfect location for your villa, next is to consider the villa size and layout. Will the villa size and layout work for you, considering the group you are traveling with? If you will be vacationing with a large group then you need to consider a villa with more number of rooms and that also has a low guest-to-bathroom ratio so as to avoid congestion in the morning.

You should also consider other special options that you may want personally, such as powder rooms or ensuite. Also, if you are vacationing with your family or a large group you may want to pick a villa that has adequate space in common areas such as living room.

3) Confirm services:

If you have chosen to rent a luxury villa, then you will have access to unique services. But before your trip, it is important you confirm some of these services and rule out those you won't be needing. Perhaps the villa comes with a chef and but you won't be needing one since you plan to eat out most of the time or do your cooking yourself. Or if you will be traveling with your baby and would need a babysitter, it is important you confirm its availability.

Even if you are not renting a luxury villa, it is important you know beforehand what is included and what's not. Will you have a well-stocked kitchen or not? Will you be paying for taxes and utilities or is it included in your fee?

4) Book early:

Costa Rica is a major tourist location. Therefore, in order to secure a good villa lodging it is important you book as early as possible.

5) Find a travel advisor:

 There are a lot of factors that need to be put in mind when searching for Costa Rica villas for rent. In order to take much of this load off, you may need to partner with a travel advisor. A travel advisor can offer you quality information on different villas and help you to arrive at the best choice considering your interest.


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