Those of you who have ever applied for a visa must confirm that this can be a very complex process. There are many things to consider. One of the most confusing aspects of this is proof of a flight reservation. Many embassies require this proof at the flight reservation (itinerary ticket) to even process an application. Others say right from the start that you actually only need a reservation, but in no case you have to show an already valid ticket.
So you can work fine with a flight reservation, especially since the question is what happens if the visa is denied? No one wants to be stuck with a non-refundable ticket. This is the reason why there are many other reservation platforms for tickets (itinerary tickets) besides ours.
Why a dummy reservation?

A dummy flight reservation, also known as a flight itinerary for visa, have the following purpose: a dummy flight reservation, also known as a “fake air ticket”, are therefore a flight reservation made without payment or for only a small service fee.
So this reservation is used for proof without having to commit to buying a ticket. It is a safe and inexpensive way to meet the requirements of the authorities when applying for a visa.

So how to book a dummy ticket for a visa?

There are several ways to book such a dummy ticket for a visa application. There are airlines that offer a hold or reservation feature without having to make an immediate payment. However, these are very few airlines. Alternatively there are special websites/platforms like the one of Itinerary-Ticket to make the reservation of visas.
Ideally, you can enter all the desired data such as of course before and increase (important: enter exactly as in the passport), the desired departure date and the respective departure airport, including flight duration and the respective landing time at the appropriate airport with IATA airport code.
Flight reservation for a Schengen visa:
If you want to apply for a Schengen visa, you can’t avoid such a Dummyi flight ticket. It can be purchased in the same way as mentioned above. Some services, even provide a free alternative for the Schengen visa to those at detailed plan for their planned trip.

Flight reservation to get favorable conditions with car rental companies:

Some car rental companies offer better conditions to their customers who can present a valid flight ticket, or reservation. It is worthwhile to check this option in any case. This is because many car rental companies offer better conditions to airline passengers than to customers who only want to rent a car without a flight. Thus, it is also appropriate to have a so-called dummy ticket up your sleeve when renting a car.


Those who have to find their way in the world of visa applications may be encouraged, because with itinerary tickets the whole matter becomes much easier. Above all, it is also cheaper. Whether you’re looking to book a dummy ticket or wondering about applying for one before the visa is approved, always remember to check the specific requirement of the embassy or consulate carefully. In any case, with a little research and planning, you should be able to obtain a visa and embark on your next adventure. Always remember, the journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step, or in this case, booking a flight. Have a good trip!